The app is wonderfully simple with a few extras we would love to develop over time. Initially, the OKButton app is designed for one-to-one or one-to-many broadcast of a simple message: “I am OK”. Further features we would like to develop are daily reminders or even location-based (geo-fencing) reminders. We also want to add the option to share your location when sending an OK to your contacts.

Version 1.0

Version 1.0 of the OKButton brings the core features we wish to see to the app store.

Splash Screens and Tutorials

We have designed a set of simple tutorial screens explaining the application’s premise and what you can expect from the OKButton.

Login/Create Account

We do not intend to store much information about you, other than your name, phone number and email address for verification and contact finding. Only the email address is essential. Contacts will be stored locally in the app.


The main part of the app is the OK button. From here you’ll be able to one tap to send an OK status to your contacts. If you do not have contacts yet in the app, you’ll need to add them first.

My Profile

The profile is quite simple and allows you to change your screen name, email address and phone number. You can also limit or enable notifications. You can also permanently remove your account.


Receivers are your contacts who receive your OK’s when you press the OK Button. Senders are contacts who can send you their OK Button presses. You can add/remove these at any time. An email address is required to add your contact.

Version 1.1

Version 1.1 increases the value of the app through additional supportive features.

Reminders: Date/Time

Date/Time reminders will allow you to set a single or repeating specific date and time you wish to be reminded to interact with the app. Helpful for those who forget to check in now and then!

iCloud Backups

We do not store your contacts or button history data permanently – we only use the email address as a means to send your OK message to your contacts, unless you remove them. Adding iCloud backups will store a copy of your contacts safely and securely in your iCloud account, where if you are no longer able to access the app (lost phone, new phone etc.) you can retrieve a backup of your data.

Offline retry sending

Sometimes we lose signal or have wifi issues. We want to implement the ability for OKButton to retry sending your OK status message again after reconnecting to the internet.

Version 1.2

Version 1.2 adds location tools for bringing smart reminders and location sharing into the OKButton app.

Reminders: Location-based (geo-fencing)*

When entering or leaving a location, we will make it possible for the app to trigger a notification reminder – set by you – to interact with the app. For example, this might always be to send an OK when you get home from school, work or a night out.

*Requires GPS location enabled

Send location with your OK*

Letting loved ones know you arrived safely or that you are in a certain location will add a layer of security to the app. A long press on the OK Button will send your current location along with your status message.

*Requires GPS location enabled

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Jackson created the OKButton, drawing from his experience with mental health and trying to keep in touch with those who cared for him.