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Version 1.0 of the OKButton is now in the iOS App Store

26 July 2021
From today, you can now download the OKButton app in the iOS App Store, create a simple account and connect with your loved ones and friends to share your status anytime, anywhere.

How do you ask someone if they are OK?

4 May 2021
"How are you?" "Yeah, I'm OK..." A question and response so routine that it is practically hardwired into us. Such a simple thing, but it raises an important question, how do you ask someone if they are OK?

OKButton: How are things going?

23 April 2021
We are all excited for the imminent release of the OKButton Beta; we genuinely cannot wait for this to become a reality!

Jackson and OKButton feature talk at DPiP April!

8 April 2021
DPiP is a community founded to promote all things digital in Peterborough UK and beyond, supporting wellbeing and mental health through a common interest in digital technologies.

Frequently asked questions about the app

31 March 2021
Frequently asked questions like is my data safe with OKButton? What inspired OKButton? How does OKButton work? Are you a medical app? Can people track me via OKButton? Will there be updates in the future?

OKButton app progress update March 2021

19 March 2021
We're on track, on time and on budget for getting the first version of the OKButton into a testable format in late April this year! So many people have signed up for the beta!

Festivals, ever lost your friends for a bit?

2 March 2021
Hey, you ok? Haven't seen you in a while? You alright? Having fun? Let me know you're ok? Getting lost can be part of a big event's appeal and diving into the big crowds of people!

We need your support to build the OKButton

16 February 2021
We need from 200 to 600 hours of development time, depending on features, to get the app into the iOS App Store.

OKButton is under development + join the beta

15 February 2021
With the help of Riselabs, we brought on a new iOS developer.