The JustGiving campaign is still underway, and we’re humbled by the support so far (thank you, you amazing people!).

We may or may not hit our target. But does that mean the end of the app? No way. We know it isn’t easy to donate money to a cause with everything happening in the world. We’ve had friends and loved ones made redundant, had to make do and struggle to make ends meet. Money is tight.

So we’re digging deep into our own funds, and with Riselabs help, the OKButton is under development.

We’re in phase 1 of development

With the help of Riselabs, we brought on a new iOS developer, Haik, who is fearlessly working his way through the initial setup of the app project.

✅ Tasks that have been completed this week (10-12.02) :

  • Setup the Firebase backend user management system
  • Setup the Crash analytics tracking system
  • Added app Coordinators
  • Implemented Authentication services
  • Implemented app icon

🗓 Tasks that are scheduled for the next week (15-19.02) :

  • Finalise Authentication service
  • Implement Nickname Update service
  • Implement Sign-in service
  • Implement Firebase analytics

Want to help us test? Get your hands on the app first?

Early on, we will be looking for people to test early versions of the app and provide valuable real-world feedback to our team. Any beta testers who help out will be entitled to the app for free at launch and will have a special mention on the website and in the app credits!

Find out more about how you can help and sign up for the beta.

Photo by Reza Namdari on Unsplash

Can you help us? 🚀We're 19% of our way through funding V1.0!

What does it take to get an app out there? Time, effort and money? OKButton is a project of passion, and we need your help to make it happen



Jackson created the OKButton, drawing from his experience with mental health and trying to keep in touch with those who cared for him.