What is the OKButton?

The OKButton app makes it easy for a person to let their loved ones know they’re ok. We all have people who care for us, but sometimes it can be difficult to reach out. The OKButton is a way of communicating with those who love us, to let them know we’re doing alright without explaining.

Why am I developing this app called the OKButton?

I’ve always struggled with depression and anxiety. Then, in 2017, I became completely overwhelmed with life, work, relationships, friendships, depression and anxiety.

From the outside, I looked fine. Inside, I was in terrible pain. Only a few people knew what was going on, and the one who worried about me the most was my mum. I worry about her too.

The most exhausting thing of all was constantly answering the question “are you OK?”. And then, “Are you sure?”. I was OK, but I certainly wasn’t sure.

We have a history of suicide in our family, and I knew Mum just wanted to keep in contact with me to make sure that I was still here. But right at that moment, I lacked the capacity to talk about it. How could I explain something I wasn’t sure about? What was wrong? Why wasn’t I sure? If I couldn’t answer these questions effectively, what hope did I have explaining it?

All I wanted was for my loved ones; to know I was OK today. I didn’t want to talk; I didn’t want to answer questions, I just wanted to work on it. I needed to make progress.

It’s hard to keep someone at arm’s length, especially when they care so much, but I didn’t want my Mum carrying my weight, and I needed space. Letting Mum know I was ok regularly by hitting a button on an app is the peace of mind we all need.

I’m OK now, but I still want to be able to let my Mum know that everything’s alright and that’s why I’m developing the OKButton.

We have the design, UI and branding done.

I have invested a few thousand of my own business’s money to get the project started. Below are a few screenshots we created for the website and branding documents.

View even more of the story at OKButton.app

OKButton for everyone

I know I am not alone in this story, and that I have friends who find it difficult to keep in touch with those who care about them, even without mental health struggles in play.

Alice was an inspiration for the app. She lived far away from her parents and had to have a kidney operation. Of course, they worry about her. Did she get home OK? Is she safe?

What about travel? It’s hard when a child leaves home, maybe for a gap year or even just a holiday. Mums and Dads don’t want to text constantly, and kids need their independence. One press of the OKButton would alleviate all that worry.

What will we use the donations for?

I have covered the cost of designing the app, which is now in its prototype stage, but we need more funding to move it on. With further funding, we can get the app into development, then into the app store and invest a little into getting the name out there.

We need from 200 to 600 hours of development time, depending on features, to get the app into the iOS App Store. I have spent around 250 hours on planning, content, website/marketing and UI design.

Funding Targets

Around £5,000 is the minimum cost expectation for building v1.0 of the app. All of the donations/funding will be ring-fenced for the OKButton app development and marketing only. I will cover the design and branding expenses only if we exceed the target.

Version 1.0+ breakdown: https://okbutton.app/blog/development/okbutton-app-feature-roadmap/

Over £10,000 allows us to develop further features, such as reminders and location-based reminders, iCloud backup, and potentially bringing the app to the Google Play Store for Android.

Over £25,000, and we will have the budget to cover existing expenses and push the app’s marketing even further.

What if we don’t hit our target?

The app is an ongoing process – we’ll use the donations to cover running costs. We will develop what we can with the funding provided and look to remove features if needed.

Other ways you can help

I appreciate money is tight – we’re going through a global pandemic after all and donating is a big ask right now. There are other ways you can help:

– Spread the message. Please share this callout on social media via our Instagram and Facebook pages

– Help us promote the app using our marketing materials https://okbutton.app/blog/development/okbutton-marketing-materials-and-images/

– Invite someone you know who will benefit from the app to sign up for updates https://okbutton.app/early/

– Get your company interested in supporting the project. Download our explainer doc here https://okbutton.app/blog/support/download-our-pdf-explainer-for-your-organisation/

Thank you.

Thank you for taking the time to read this story and about my mission. If you’d like to reach out personally, please email me at hello@okbutton.app

Photo by Larisa Birta on Unsplash

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Jackson created the OKButton, drawing from his experience with mental health and trying to keep in touch with those who cared for him.