From today, you can now download the OKButton app in the iOS App Store, create a simple account and connect with your loved ones and friends to share your status anytime, anywhere.

After months of development, design tweaks and revisions, plus a healthy beta (thanks guys!), we’ve pushed the first version of the app to the app stores.

What can you do with V1.0 of OKButton?

As of today, the following features are available to everyone using iOS (Apple):

  • Create a simple account
  • Generate a username
  • Invite contacts to add you to their app, using a special link (share one to one, or publicly)
  • Personalise your contacts nicknames
  • Limit requests for your status
  • Tap the button to let your contacts know you are OK
  • Turn notifications on and off

What’s not quite ready yet?

We’ve worked tirelessly to get the base features of the app together, focusing on a simple and clean user experience with minimal interruptions. However, that has meant that some features haven’t made the V1.0 cut:

  • Right now, tapping the OKButton informs all of your contacts: we intend to make it a one-to-one notification if a single (or multiple) contacts requests your status.
  • Notifications are not quite ready yet
  • We’ve noticed that in the app it says “someone cares” but the app notification does specify who requested your status
  • We will add the ability to send your OK status to an individual contact rather than all contacts at once!

We are absolutely open to any and all feedback. So please contact us if you have any suggestions or improvements.

– Love, the OKButton team.

Can you help us? 🚀We're 19% of our way through funding V1.0!

What does it take to get an app out there? Time, effort and money? OKButton is a project of passion, and we need your help to make it happen



Jackson created the OKButton, drawing from his experience with mental health and trying to keep in touch with those who cared for him.