We are all excited for the imminent release of the OKButton Beta; we genuinely cannot wait for this to become a reality!

First of all, everything is OK and the app is still in production; our vision and passion for the project has never been stronger.

Unfortunately, there are some things that no amount of ambition can overcome. Our lead developer suffered some severe back pain, and needed a little time off. We check in regularly with him to make sure that he is OK, and his health and the wellbeing of our team will always take priority over anything else.

We will be catching up with development this week so we can accurately update our roadmap for launch. We look forward to giving you all the details!

In other news, we are excited to announce that our ambassador programme is very close to completion and we will be getting in touch with everyone who’s shown interest in the app and joined in early with further details shortly! 

Also, as a teaser, we can announce that we are planning colour schemes, photo uploads and a number of lighting modes to our development roadmap, as well as methods to access support and help locally. Watch this space (by signing up)!

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Alex Tyler

Alex Tyler

Alex helps write content for OKButton and is excited to be a part of the project.