Every day we are inundated with messages, notifications and posts. It’s endless. The internet has given us the gift of communication on an unprecedented level. Everyone everywhere is 24/7 contactable within a second.

That’s why we are building the OK app.

We are reducing communication when the world is constantly increasing it.

We need a break.

But we don’t want to fall out of touch.

We’re building the OK app to empower those who need a break, some calm time or a reduction in communication with everyone to not fall off the radar, but maintain a level of distance they might need to help themselves feel more grounded.


Can you help us? 🚀We're 19% of our way through funding V1.0!

What does it take to get an app out there? Time, effort and money? OKButton is a project of passion, and we need your help to make it happen



Jackson created the OKButton, drawing from his experience with mental health and trying to keep in touch with those who cared for him.