About us

We created the OKApp to encourage those individuals struggling to keep in touch with an over-communicating world. To simplify communicating a single emotion to a simple tap.

My name is Jackson Howell, and I am the creator of the OKApp. We’re more than an I now, with a team of dedicated and caring individuals working towards one singular goal; to bridge the gap between those facing difficult times alone, to those wanting to know that they are OKwithout the conversation.

I know all too well what it’s like to be stuck alone with my thoughts, feeling down, depressed and anxious.

And I know all too well what it’s like to have loved ones and friends suffering in the same way.

But the hardest thing sometimes is to start up a conversation, or risk a full chat, through sending a typical “are you OK?” text message. Sometimes we want to let people know we are OK. Sometimes people want to let us know they are OK.
This is why I built the OKApp, to re-introduce step one of communication – before moving onto a conversation – if you so wish.