We all have people who care for us

The OKButton app makes it easy for a person to let their loved ones know they’re ok. We all have people who care for us, but sometimes it can be difficult to reach out. The OKButton is a way of communicating with those who love us, to let them know we’re doing alright without explaining.

App screen showing the animation of the ok button press

Contact without the contact – exactly why we developed the OK Button.

A single tap and your selected person or people are told you are OK without the hassle of conversation.

Sometimes we can feel overwhelmed by the thought of contact with family and friends when we are suffering with our mental health issues

Often when we are suffering this is the time we don’t want contact with people. However, those people who care about us worry, especially when we don’t respond to messages and calls.

Many of us have been there; we feel mean not responding but just don’t have the ability or the inclination to hold a conversation, however much we love the person.

OKApp is an app that lets you send or receive an OK status to or from your loved ones.

  1. Open the app
  2. Tap the button
  3. Your loved ones get notified that you are OK

Sometimes we do not have the mental capacity to start up a conversation, and writing “I am OK” to someone often leads to a “are you sure?”.

We encourage you to speak out – open a conversation – as much as you can.

But in times when you need to just let the world know you’re ok, then tap the button.

Let people who care about you know as little or as much as you like. Set reminders for any time, day or place* to let people – you choose – to know that you are OK.

*requires location settings to allow place notifications to work

OKButton App Features

The Button

Tap the OK Button to let those who care about you that you are OK

Request an OK

Anonymously send a request to a loved one or friend to ask if they are OK

Set Reminders

Busy day? Or forgetful? Set reminders to use the app throughout your day

Share your location*

A long press of the button will send your current location* to your OK contacts

Set location* reminders

Ask OKButton to remind you when you enter or leave a location, like work, home or travel

Add one or many contacts

Send your OK status to one or many people who care about you

Receive OKs

Use the same app to receive updates from your friends or loved ones

Privacy first

OKButton doesn't need to know much about you to function

*Location requires “Allow to let the app use Location Services” while using the OKButton. We do not track your active location. Location data is sent to the receivers (chosen contacts) only and is entirely optional.

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